Cardiac CT & MR

Digisonics CVIS Provides a More Efficient Cardiac CT/MR Reporting Workflow

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The Digisonics Cardiovascular Information System provides a comprehensive solution for image review and structured reporting of cardiac CT/MR studies.

Integration with Advanced Image Analysis Software
Digisonics offers seamless integration with Medis QMass® ES advanced quantitation software for robust image review and quantitative analysis of their Cardiac MR studies. A single click launches the Medis software directly from the Digisonics workstation. Results from the analysis completed in Medis are saved directly back into the Digisonics CVIS for a fully integrated workflow.

Cardiac CT/MR Measurements Reporting
Cardiac MR reporting includes volumes and volume indexes, ejection fraction, cardiac output/index and blood flow measurements including velocities and pressure gradients, valve area, regurgitant volume and fraction.

Function and Wall Motion
A standard cardiac bulls-eye plot is available for documenting wall motion for both rest and stress studies.

Structured Reporting for Cardiac CT/MR Studies
Users can setup customized summary comments and macros within the Digisonics CVIS, enabling them to quickly document their findings in a concise, structured cardiac CT/MR report. Report formats, titles and logos can be easily customized to a facility’s personal specifications. The finalized structured report is stored in a central database for fast comparison of a patient’s studies across all cardiovascular modalities.

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