Digisonics CVIS Provides a More Efficient Cath Lab Reporting Workflow

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The Digisonics Cardiovascular Information System provides a comprehensive solution for image review and structured reporting of cardiac catheterization studies.

Seamless Integration with Patient Registry Systems and
Hemodynamics Systems

The Digisonics cardiovascular information system interfaces with the patient registration system and hemodynamics system for both measurements and clinical documentation and the radiographic system for images. Digisonics CVIS offers a robust database enabling users to easily derive valuable statistics for departmental management or research. In addition, sites participating in the NCDR CathPCI Registry can route patients’ data to the Registry from the Digisonics cardiovascular information system.

Coronary and Congenital Abnormality Diagram Annotation
The Digisonics cardiovacsular information system offers flexible tools designed for the purpose of minimizing overall physician cardiac cath reporting time. The integrated graphics tablet, DigiDraw, provides fast labeling and annotation of coronary diagrams and congenital abnormality diagrams with a stylus/pen. Physicians may use their own preferred coronary artery maps, or the system-provided left, right and co-dominant maps.

With DigiDraw, users can quickly annotate the diagrams with:

  • Stenoses
  • Thrombi
  • Aneurysms
  • Spasms
  • Bypasses
  • Areas of interest
  • After editing, the diagrams may be saved and embedded directly in the cardiac cath report.

Advanced Cardiac Cath Image Analysis
The Digisonics CVIS offers integration with Medis QAngio XA, an advanced cath image analysis package. This comprehensive and customizable quantification solution provides analysis of left ventriculograms and coronary and peripheral angiograms. It automates detection of vessel edges for quantitative coronary artery analysis including reporting of minimum, maximum and percent change of diameters and cross-sectional areas. Results from the analysis performed in QAngio XA are saved directly back into the Digisonics cardiovascular information system for a fully integrated workflow.

Structured Reporting for Cardiac Catheterization Studies
Users can setup customized summary comments and macros within the Digisonics CVIS, enabling them to quickly document their findings in a concise, structured cardiac cath report. Report formats, titles and logos can be easily customized to a facility’s personal specifications. The finalized structured report is stored in a central database for fast comparison of a patient’s studies across all cardiovascular modalities.

Cardiac Catheterization study types include:

  • Coronary angiography
  • Peripheral angiography
  • Ventriculography
  • Coronary Angioplasty
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