Digisonics CVIS Provides a More Efficient Echo Reporting Workflow

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The Digisonics Cardiovascular Information System provides a comprehensive solution for image review and structured reporting of echocardiography studies.

Echo Quantitation and Measurements
Digisonics offers the most comprehensive analysis package available for echo studies. Users can quickly document 2D, M-mode and Doppler measurements either via autopopulation through an interface with the ultrasound machine or they can be entered directly into the cardiovascular information system forms. On-screen calculations can also be performed in the CVIS system and the results updated in the report. Strain measurements can also be databased in the system and included on the echo report.

3D/4D Integration for Echo Ultrasound Studies
Integration with advanced quantification software for 3D/4D studies, such as Philips QLAB, GE EchoPAC and TomTec 4D Cardio-View is available. A single click will allow users to launch the 3rd party quantification software directly from the Digisonics cardiovascular information system workstation. The user can process the 3D/4D image and store the processed view back into the Digisonics cardiovascular information system database.

Function and Wall Motion
Function and Wall motion diagrams can be scored and embedded in the structured echo report. Digisonics offers both the 16-segment and 17-segment model for perfusion and wall motion scoring. Both can be used in anatomical or bullseye format.

Structured Reporting for Echocardiography Studies
Users can setup customized summary comments and macros within the Digisonics CVIS, enabling them to quickly document their findings in a concise, structured echo report. Report formats, titles and logos can be easily customized to a facility’s personal specifications. The finalized structured report is stored in a central database for fast comparison of a patient’s studies across all cardiovascular modalities. Digisonics reports are compliant with American Society of Echocardiography (ASE) and Intersocietal Commission for Accredited Echocardiography Laboratories (ICAEL) standards and guidelines.

Appropriate Use Criteria
The Digisonics Cardiovascular Information System also provides Appropriate Use Criteria Scoring. Based on the indication(s) provided, the Digisonics system reports the appropriateness of the indication for the study performed. As reimbursement audits will be tied to appropriate use scores in the future, there is considerable benefit for facilities that utilize the Digisonics CVIS to monitor appropriate use scores and produce the required structured reports.

Echocardiography study types include:

  • Routine/TTE (transthoracic echo)
  • Stress Echo (Exercise and Pharmacologic)
  • TEE (transesophageal echo)
  • Pediatric/Congenital
  • Fetal
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