Review Cardiovascular Study Images

With the Digisonics Cardiology Cardiovascular Information System, users will have efficient access to all of their cardiovascular study images and integration options with 3rd party image analysis packages.

Cardiovascular Image Review
Images from different views and different cardiovascular study types can all be displayed and viewed together. Cardiovascular images can be viewed in full-screen mode with playback options including zoom, speed, and control over brightness/contrast, window leveling and inversion. Multiple images from different cardiovascular exams can easily be compared. Cardiovascular images may be saved in DICOM, or in AVI or MPG format for presentations or teaching purposes and patient data can be blinded.

3D/4D, Cath and Nuclear Integration Options
In order to capitalize on a seamless cardiovascular reporting workflow, Digisonics offers integration options to several third-party image analysis packages including:

  • Philips QLAB 3D/4D volumes quantification software
  • GE EchoPAC 3D/4D volumes quantification software
  • TOMTEC 4D Cardio-View volumes quantification software
  • Medis QAngio cardiac cath image review & analysis software
  • Medis QFlow/QMass CMR image review & analysis software
  • Pie Medical Imaging 3mensio quantitative analysis software
  • INVIA Corridor 4DM nuclear image manipulation & analysis software
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