Seamlessly launch 3rd party applications and URLs from the Digisonics workstation with single sign-on

DigiConnect enables users to launch external applications and links to websites using the default web browser directly from the Digisonics structured reporting workstation. Users benefit from the convenience of a single sign-on as user credentials and patient information are passed seamlessly to 3rd party applications.


DigiConnect can be used to launch a variety of applications including:

  • 3rd party ECG management software (MUSE, Epiphany)
  • 3rd party EMR/HIS (such as EPIC)
  • Radiology PACS
  • Local or web-based applications

DigiConnect can be easily configured by the user and retained in a drop down list for easy relaunch while reporting. The end result of this interoperability between applications is a more streamlined and efficient workflow, freeing up more time to spend on direct patient care.

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