Digisonics Rolodex

Automated Dissemination of Finalized Reports to Referring Physicians

The Digisonics Rolodex is the solution for automating transmission of finalized clinical reports and referral letters to referring physicians and sites through fax, e-mail and print options.

Users have the ability to send multiple reports to one physician or send one report to multiple physicians, substantially reducing the amount of time spent faxing or e-mailing. Other features include referring physician database management and report transmission tracking.

Referring Physician Database
Physicians are organized in the database by last name with A-Z tabs for quick access. The database stores each referring physician’s profile, including their contact information and preferred method of receiving report transmissions. After selecting the desired referring physician, clicking the Send Reports button will fax, e-mail or print the reports.

Transmission Log
The Transmission Log tracks completed report transmissions. To quickly find the desired report, the log may be sorted by referring physician or report. In the referring physician section, search options include referring physician name or site name. In the report section, search options include transmission type (fax, e-mail, or print) or time of submission.

Manage Reports
The Manage Reports window displays all Failed, Active, or Held reports, allowing users to conveniently manage all currently pending reports in one location. After selecting a specific report (or multiple reports), users can choose to retry, abort, or hold sending the report.