HL7 Interfaces & DigiLink

Seamless Integration with EMR, HIS & RIS

Digisonics seamlessly connects all disparate systems using configurable, standards based interfaces, including DICOM and HL7. This capability is a crucial element of Digisonics’ ability to act as a nexus of workflow control.

HL7 Interfaces
HL7 interfaces provide standards-based connectivity between disparate systems (HIS, RIS, EMR, etc.) for text and data exchanges. HL7 interfaces include ORM (Orders) ADT (Admissions) and ORU (Results) MDM (Results).

DigiLink is an option that includes HL7, providing automated access to patient images and finalized PDF reports from disparate clinical information systems such as HIS, EMR, PACS, CIS or RIS. DigiLink provides clinicians the benefit of viewing the structured clinical reports in their original format. This compensates for the HL7 basic format which typically eliminates images, graphics and formatting.

HL7 with Embedded PDF
HL7 Export option that leverages an industry standard Base64 format, where an encrypted PDF of the finalized report with embedded graphics and images is included in the ASCII HL7 message.

Discrete Data Export
Discrete report data including patient demographics and measurements exported in the HL7 message, providing interoperability at a database level.

Nuance PowerScribe 360 Interface
Digisonics offers an interface to Nuance PowerScribe 360. Clinicians can review images and preliminary reports in PACS, then dictate their summary in PowerScribe 360. The summary is then sent to the Digisonics structured reporting system via HL7. The result is a seamless and efficient workflow.