PACS API & DigiLink

Connect to 3rd Party PACS

Digisonics has a comprehensive suite of PACS interface methods that allow a PACS application to launch the Digisonics analysis and reporting application to synchronize with the current study being viewed on the PACS. Using the latest technology and industry standard interface methods assures interconnectivity with most major PACS vendors.

Primary to each method of synchronization is the requirement of passing the identifiers for that study, such as the Accession Number (OrderID) or PatientID, StudyDate and StudyTime. These identifiers can be received via HL7 Orders, DICOM images or DICOM SR. Receiving the Accession Number from DICOM normally requires a Modality WorkList connection to the Ultrasound systems. This may require additional Digisonics components and/or hardware.