Digisonics Radiology Customers Reduce Clinician Fatigue and Burnout

Two more radiology centers, St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Fla. and Alaska Family Sonograms in Anchorage, Ala. have implemented Digisonics solutions to eliminate redundant data entry and decrease reporting times.

St. Mary’s Medical Center will utilize the Digisonics system to improve their OB ultrasound report turnaround times and overall efficiency. Patient demographics and measurements will be autopopulated directly into the Digisonics system from their GE and Zonare imaging modalities, creating a sonographer’s preliminary report.  The preliminary report will then be automatically sent from Digisonics to McKesson PACS for quick review with the patient images, eliminating the sonographer’s manual scanning steps.  The documented patient demographics and measurements will also be exported as discrete data for ingestion by PowerScribe360, eliminating the need for the radiologists to dictate this data.  The radiologists simply review the imported data and dictate their report summary, saving time and allowing them to complete more studies.

Alaska Family Sonograms will add structured reporting for their general ultrasound studies.  Digisonics will be interfaced with the facility’s incumbent Canon and Toshiba modalities to autopopulate the ultrasound study data directly into the report, eliminating manual data entry and improving overall accuracy.  A copy of the finalized report will also be sent directly to the facility’s NovaRad PACS, providing the convenience of review with the patient’s images.

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