A Comprehensive Structured Reporting System for OB Ultrasound and GYN

Vendor Neutral Solution
Digisonics integrates equally well with all ultrasound imaging vendors including Philips, GE, Siemens, Medison, Toshiba, etc. Employing the Digisonics PACS and structured reporting solution provides OB/GYN ultrasound facilities with extra leverage when purchasing additional imaging equipment.

Non-OCR connectivity to Ultrasound Machines
Digisonics links for patient biometry import from the ultrasound machine are 100% accurate and do not rely on optical character recognition (OCR) or “screen-scraping” for non-DICOM SR carts. Instead, Digisonics Ultrasound Reporting Solutions employ a clinical data parsing tool that has been developed to capture the information directly from the ultrasound machine. Ultrasound Reporting Systems that rely on OCR are often at the mercy of the OEM modality vendors as software updates that move items or change colors often break the OCR mapping.

Most Comprehensive Fetal Growth Analysis Package
Digisonics Ultrasound Reporting System includes a comprehensive selection of GA and fetal weight equations and tables to track growth during gestation. The user can modify these or add others. Ratios, fetal weight percentiles, Doppler measurements, and AFI by quadrant and total value are also provided.

Growth Curve Charts
Users can easily track fetal development and immediately identify if there is abnormal growth (IUGR or macrosomia). If there are multiple gestations, each is plotted in different colors on the same chart. An unlimited number of studies can be documented and plotted for each pregnancy. Charts can be embedded in the ultrasound report or printed on a separate page.

1st and 2nd Trimester Risk Assessment
Digisonics supports 1st trimester NT and NF with Risk Assessment data (optional entry of serum screen levels) and 2nd Trimester Risk Assessment forms displaying the Age Adjusted Ultrasound Risk Assessment (AAURA) and Benacerraf Scoring Index.

Structured Reporting for OB/GYN Ultrasound Studies
Digisonics provides OB and GYN default reporting content that adheres to AIUM guidelines and accreditation standards. Users can also customize summary comments and macros within the OB/GYN ultrasound reporting system, allowing them to quickly document their findings in a concise, structured report. Reports also offer the ability to embed ultrasound study images, display user-configurable fetal presentation graphics, add logos or accreditation symbols, and customize report titles. Digisonics Structured Reports for OB/GYN Ultrasound studies are HIPAA compliant with an electronic signature and audit trail.

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