Quick and Concise Standards-Based Ultrasound Reports

Digisonics offers structured reporting for a wide variety of modalities including OB Ultrasound (Fetal Biometry & Growth Curves, Biophysical Profile, CST/NST, Reference Letters, Twin & Multi-fetus, 1st & 2nd Risk Assessment) and GYN (Ultrasound, Folliculogram).

Structured Reports for OB/GYN Ultrasound Studies
Digisonics provides OB and GYN default reporting content that adheres to AIUM guidelines and accreditation standards. Users can also customize summary comments and macros within the ultrasound reporting system, allowing them to quickly document their findings in a concise, structured report. Reports also offer the ability to embed ultrasound study images, display user-configurable fetal presentation graphics, add logos or accreditation symbols, and customize report titles. Digisonics Structured Reports for OB/GYN Ultrasound studies are HIPAA compliant with an electronic signature and audit trail.

Automated Distribution of Finalized Ultrasound Reports
After ultrasound reports are finalized, they may be automatically faxed, e-mailed, or printed directly from the application. The Digisonics Rolodex automates transmission of ultrasound reports to referring physicians and sites.

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