Web Based Access

Anywhere, Anytime to the OB/GYN Ultrasound PACS and Structured Reporting System

The entire OB/GYN ultrasound PACS and structured reporting system – available through the Web from anywhere at anytime

Digisonics OB-View Net is the only OB/GYN ultrasound reporting solution that enables real-time, remote image analysis with full measurement and report editing capabilities over the Web that doesn’t require increased internet speeds or bandwidth. It is the ideal solution for staying connected to your ultrasound studies while at home, out of office or at another facility.

Employing the same interface as the local OB/GYN ultrasound reporting workstations, users can sign in with a secure login and password to review study images, perform comprehensive fetal analysis and create structured reports from anywhere at anytime. Digisonics uses a unique hybrid technology that allows quick ultrasound image review without compromising the accuracy of web-based, off-line measurements. All OB/GYN ultrasound web measurements are performed on full fidelity DICOM images.


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