OB/GYN Specialties

A Single Database For All Ultrasound Modalities Across the Enterprise

One of the most powerful tools available to perinatologists is the Digisonics ultrasound reporting system. Acting as a nexus of workflow control, the Digisonics ultrasound reporting system helps physicians and departments manage ultrasound images and data, determine accurate due dates, monitor fetal growth, generate structured reports and consultation letters and handle the administrative details of billing and accreditation. Easily customizable to suit individual needs, the Digisonics ultrasound reporting system greatly improves the efficiency of obstetrics and gynecology practices, helping them to increase their caseload while simultaneously improving the quality of their patient care.

OB/GYN & Associated

  • OB Ultrasound
    • Fetal biometry and growth curves
    • Biophysical profile, CST/NST
    • Reference letters
    • Genetic Counseling
    • Twin
    • Multi-fetus
    • 1st Trimester Risk Assessment
    • 2nd Trimester Risk Assessment
  • GYN
    • GYN ultrasound
    • Folliculogram studies
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