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Use data from daily operations to enhance current performance and optimize strategic planning.

Your patient database contains a wealth of information. In today’s busy medical departments, a data mining tool is a significant advantage.

Users have the tools to:

  • Improve departmental efficiency and reduce costs by monitoring daily operations
  • Extract clinical information for use in research
  • Increase revenue by tracing activity from referring physicians
  • Compile statistics required for accreditation
  • Produce statistical summaries and departmental reports

Digisonics Query Facility
Digisonics systems include both basic and advanced Query facilities which allow users to produce statistical summaries and departmental reports. Tallies are provided in a summary table and a list of matching patient reports can be produced.

Query items include: Accreditation reports, CPT or ICD codes, Study Classification, History/Clinical Info, Interpreting MD, Procedures, Reason for Study, Referring MD, Secondary Signature, and Study Date.

Digisonics Search Package
The Search package provides a comprehensive user-configurable, search engine. Search criteria can be based on any field or combination of fields within the report, including referring or interpreting physician, patient demographics, measurements, and clinical comments. Search parameters can be combined in logical strings for simple or complex searches. Results can be exported in PDF, Excel or ASCII formats. Specific search criteria can be named and saved for future use.

The latest Search tools include Management reports for productivity and efficiency. Standard reports include Study Volume and Turnaround Time summaries for the whole network, by Site, by Study Type, and by Interpreting MD. But a key strength of Search is that users can configure their reports to slice and dice the data in any way desired.

Business Analytics
The new Business Analytics package from Digisonics provides facilities with a suite of tools to measure current performance, determine areas for improvement and plan for future growth. Key components include:

  • Time Interval Reports
  • Management Reports (Volumes, Turnaround Times)
  • Q/C Reports (Production and Efficiency)
  • Automation
  • Appropriate Use Criteria
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