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Enthusiastic customers in most areas of the US and selected areas internationally, have volunteered to provide potential users with comments on their experience using Digisonics systems. Some sites welcome visitors. Others are happy to communicate by telephone or email, but are not set up to host on-site guests. Digisonics has a list of reference sites by modality, type of practice, product, and years of experience with Digisonics products. Ask us for names and contact numbers.



Long-time Digisonics customer Dr. William Zoghbi of the Methodist DeBakey Heart & Vascular Center in Houston,Texas had the honor of being one of the torch bearers at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Dr. Zoghbi is the immediate past President of the American College of Cardiology, past President of the American Society of Echocardiography and recently addressed the United Nations on Non-Communicable Diseases. Digisonics is delighted to have had such a exceptional adviser and friend for over 20 years.


Ken Bishop, CEO

Open System Imaging, Chico, CA

As you know, OSI has been using your Structured Reporting product for many years now with great satisfaction. We recently acquired another imaging facility in Chico that was using another SR product for its fetal age exams. I asked my Business Development Manager to survey our clients to see which product they preferred. The overwhelming response was in favor of Digisonics over the other product. That made our decision easy and I was happy that we have been providing the best service available. No doubt we will continue to use Digisonics. Thanks for helping us meet those standards.

G. Wayne Moore, B.Sc., MBA, FASE, President and CEO

Acertara Acoustic Laboratories, Longmont, CO

Digisonics is, in my opinion, one of the finest and most professionally managed companies I have known over my 30 years in ultrasound. In a field where companies have come and gone in droves over the years Digisonics has remained and prospered. And you have to ask the question; why in a field that has had so many companies come and go over the years has this one company survived? I recently had a comprehensive demo of their product at the ASE meeting in Washington DC and I got the answer to the preceding question - the system is easy to use, affordable, and complete.

Dr. Richard Miller, Chairman, Department of OB/GYN Saint Barnabas Medical Center, VP

New Jersey Perinatal Associates, Livingston, NJ

We have used the Digisonics' reporting software since 1991, long before there were other viable alternatives in the field. Over the years and many upgrades, the product has continued to keep pace with our changing needs and the company has been exemplary in their support and service. In short, the product is comprehensive, reliable, simple to use, and affordable, all features that are important when considering choices for reporting software.

Mark Hileman

Gibson Area Hospital and Health Services

The Digisonics employee was courteous, professional, and most importantly highly competent at fulfilling our request. An unforeseen glitch occurred regarding the compatibility of our version of Active Directory, and they adroitly fought through the issue and provided an optimally working solution within the timeframe we had allocated for the service outage. How a company reacts to the inevitable problem is really what sets them apart from the others. Excellent service!

Dr. Nader Atallah

Upstate University Hospital/Pediatric Cardiology Associates, Syracuse, NY

After having seen other products and worked with one of them for a number of months, DigiView from Digisonics is the best solution for pediatric cardiology on the market.

Deborah Wagoner

Cooper Clinic, Fort Smith, AR

We are very pleased with the excellent customer service we receive. I would highly recommend Digisonics, not only because of the service, but because they have always worked hard to improve in the area of customer satisfaction to increase the efficiency of the product. It is greatly appreciated.

Mary Wallace

Cedar Valley Medical Clinic, Waterloo, IA

Most of my contact is with the support staff. They are prompt, professional, and always make us feel like our clinical practice is Digisonics' highest priority. That's amazing considering that Digisonics has many practices and hospitals and we are probably one of the smallest. That alone speaks volumes. All the staff - sales managers, project people support and development are top notch! Not to ignore the fact that Digisonics has an outstanding product! No surprise that they are Best in KLAS!

Natalia Hamza

Baylor College of Medicine, Baylor Heart Clinic, Houston, TX

For everything and any interaction with Digisonics personnel, YOU GUYS ARE GREAT! As always, thank you for your help and support.

Dr. Eric Spooner

Albany Medical Center/Capital Area Pediatric Cardiology Associates, Albany, NY

The Digisonics system is very user-modifiable. Most important, you don't have to be a computer wizard to create or modify the templates or pick-lists - anyone can do it. Most of the other systems either take a PhD. in computer science or require the company to modify things for you, which takes both time and costs more. The system is production-oriented. You can make tons of measurements of anything you like in very short order, and generate immense amounts of descriptive text with a few mouse-clicks. I can generate a two-page single-space report with lots of 2-D Doppler and M-mode measurements in about 5 minutes. I have tried using the *** system, and find it is very cumbersome to use, and takes over twice as long to generate a report which is not nearly as readable. Digisonics has been doing echo reading systems for about 24 years, and are likely to be around years from now. They produce a good solid product.

Patty Seese

Houston Methodist Hospital, Houston, TX

I wanted to take a minute to offer some well -deserved kudos to Jeff and Christopher for assisting us with the issue we had yesterday. While I was confident that something had changed on our side, I was unable to prove it and your folks went above and beyond to help me provide the data to confirm. Jeff went out of his way several times to investigate and pull Christopher in, even late into the night. They provided the type of service that we wish all of our vendors would do. We recognize and appreciate their commitment to quality customer service.

Dr. Christine Blake

Tulsa Perinatal Evaluation Center, Tulsa, OK

I am a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist in practice since 1997. I have been using OB-View since 2006. I liked the product so much, that when I went into solo practice in 2007, the simplest decision I made in that long process, was to purchase OB-View for my reporting and archiving software. Digisonics is continually upgrading the programs capabilities and functionality in response to customer feedback. I particularly like the user friendly interface to create my own custom templates.

Sylvia Stidham

Palmetto Health, Columbia, SC

The service we receive is always prompt, courteous and very effective. Thank you so much for your reliable help!

Peggy Cox, RN, RDCS

Heart Specialists of Ohio, Inc., Columbus, OH

Digisonics is a progressive company that has continued to improve every year and has met all of our reporting needs. The service is exceptional in quickly identifying and resolving any issues that we may have. The entire staff have far exceeded our expectations and are a pleasure to work with, and is the only company that recognizes my voice before I identify myself!

Tish Curran, RDMS

Advocate Health Care Chicago, IL

The Digisonics system saved two centers last Friday. This is one of the reasons why when we thought it was a good idea several years ago to have a single PACS for MFM - it worked perfectly. Last Friday, during a huddle call, Carmen and I realized that Dr. Roberson had been scheduled at both IMMC and Park Ridge for fetal echoes at the same time. We both had 6 and 8 patients scheduled repectively all starting at the same time. Dr. Roberson asked if we could see IMMC ultrasounds on our workstations and I said yes that was possible. We talked with Carmen and the sonographer and got the schedule and an open phone line for Dr. Roberson to communicate with the sonographer and the patients. All patient studies were seen and reviewed by Dr. Roberson and he was able to complete all reports in Clinicare at the end of the session. Dr. Roberson did a fantastic job and it would not have been possible had it not been for a perfectly working Digisonics thanks to Tuan and Patrick. This is why the Digisonics PACS is important to us.

Dr. Adib Khouzami

Conemaugh Health System/Conemaugh OB-GYN, Johnstown, PA

It was the best investment I made in my lab!

Dr. Sayed El-Azeem

Poland, OH

You can't go wrong choosing Digisonics. I've used them for years and they really stand behind their product.

Gary Stevens, ED, RT

Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center, St. Louis, MO

I am very, very, very pleased at the improvements you have made to DV Search. I have worked with at least 10 different DB reporting tools but this is the best by far. What normally takes several days (submit and then wait for hours to see results) to get a full report in another system I can now get in essentially seconds. The plotting capability is beyond description. I actually yelled OMG when I saw it run the first time. One would have to run to see how powerful this is. Thank you so much.
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