Experience and Longevity in the Industry


Diana McSherry

I emerged from a decade at Harvard and Rice Universities with a PhD in nuclear physics, but in such an obscure topic, spin components of the nuclear force, that only a handful of people were interested in what I’d done. I went into business because I wanted to create something that, if successful, would get implemented in the wider world. My first projects were in seismic imaging and the transfer of that technology to medical imaging. Digisonics was founded as a result of the products that were developed. A decade later, I bought controlling interest in Digisonics and a small group of us launched an exciting and somewhat precarious endeavor as a small independent entity. I’m every bit as inspired by our work today as I was thirty-five years ago. It’s been tremendously exciting to be at the leading edge of the convergence of IT and clinical worlds. I’ve assembled a phenomenally talented development team, and my greatest professional joy is participating in the creative process. And we make a difference. To have both the joy of creation and the satisfaction of work that matters is amazing. I’d go to work every day even if I didn’t get paid.


James Devlin

I’ve been in technology consulting my entire professional career (since 1999). I joined Digisonics in 2002 as the Western Regional sales manager, was promoted to Director of Sales and Marketing in 2006 and Vice President of Strategic Planning in 2010. While I’ve been with Digisonics, we’ve averaged a fifteen-percent increase in sales every year. Digisonics has always maintained a philosophy of disciplined growth based on developing customers and partners that share our vision of being the absolute best in our niche of health care, and I take pride in finding those people and institutions, thereby insuring that Digisonics continues to evolve based on feedback from the industry’s top minds. As the VP of Strategic Planning, I took advantage of the opportunity to work with all our clients and discuss ways to improve our systems to insure we remain the top-rated company in this extremely competitive and fast-paced industry. As the current President of Digisonics, I will continue to work directly with our customers and partners to insure Digisonics remains the gold standard. I consider it an honor to be part of such a forward-thinking, award-winning organization, and my goal is to someday retire from Digisonics.


Ernest Jackson

I’ve been developing and designing computer-based medical software at Digisonics ever since Dr. McSherry founded the company in 1974. It’s my life’s work, and I cherish the opportunity to work on the leading edge of computer technology and the medical industry as much today as I did 35 years ago. Dr. McSherry has led the way since the beginning, encouraging innovation to define and achieve company goals, one of the first being to find a portable computer to host our applications. Alas, in 1975 there were no portable computers suitable for this task – so we designed and built our own leveraging pre-Apple mini computer chips and 2K of RAM. We’ve continued that can-do innovative approach to all challenges for more than three decades, always striving to attract and retain intelligent and capable staff able to provide our customers the best reporting solutions. We keep our key employees, and our customers grow accustomed to working with the same people. Digisonics is a wonderful company. If I had it to do over again, I’d do exactly the same thing. Digisonics will be my last employer.


Sue Maisey
Chief Clinical Officer

I’ve had a long history with cardiac ultrasound, both nationally and locally here in Houston. I previously served as Director of Non-Invasive Cardiology/Arrhythmia Center and Cardiology Education at Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center, one of the top rated and nationally recognized hospitals in the Houston area. I have also been actively involved for over 17 years with the Greater Houston Society of Echocardiography, a local echo society that provides education and networking opportunities. As a well-known national educator, I have spoken at the American Society of Echocardiography and Echo Boot Camp for the Texas Heart Institute. I have been a reviewer for IAC – Intersocietal Accreditation of Echo Labs since 1998. My passion for cardiac ultrasound also extends to local ultrasound schools where I am committed to educating new clinical students, serving as faculty as well as Advisory Board Member. I appreciate that Digisonics can produce a positive impact on busy, high volume hospitals and healthcare systems by providing the most robust, high quality software systems for more efficient and safe patient care. My goal is to work with our clients and internal team to ensure that our software systems remain the standard for years to come.

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