Automated Workflow

A Digital Workflow for Greater Efficiency in Cardiology Reporting

Medicine has been tragically slow to embrace digital workflows for cardiology reporting– to the detriment of both business efficiency and, more critically, to the quality of patient care. One of the challenges of medicine – human input error – is almost entirely eliminated by the auto-population of clinical data and the adoption of structured reporting. Digital workflows free cardiology clinics and hospitals from manually passing study results, and clinical reports between departments and physicians – in a digital environment, studies and reports are made instantly available to concerned parties. Additionally, electronic workflows lend themselves to the creation of clinical databases for cardiology studies, which are veritable gold mines of decision-support information, tracking trends and correlations, helping eliminate unnecessary exams and meet meaningful use requirements. Every facet of clinical procedure, from billing to patient care, benefits from the free exchange of digital information, and this is the focus of Digisonics cardiology reporting systems.