Digisonics CVIS Provides a More Efficient EKG/Holter Reporting Workflow

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The Digisonics Cardiovascular Information System provides a comprehensive solution for image review and structured reporting of EKG/Holter studies.

Integration with Epiphany
Users can launch the Epiphany Cardio Server ECG management system directly from the Digisonics Cardiovascular Information System (CVIS). Cardio Server is easy-to-use, thanks to an intuitive user interface. Interpretation methods can be customized to appear upon login per physician preferences or modality. Epiphany, like Digisonics, supports vendor-neutral integration with over 100 devices for automated data import, streamlining the workflow. A list of supported devices can be found here.

EKG and Holter studies are stored in the Digsonics CVIS with images and reports from other modalities in a single database, enabling users to quickly access a patient’s complete cardiovascular record. Users can display images for review, record study findings and create a structured report.

Structured Reporting for EKG/Holter Studies
Users can setup customized summary comments and macros within the Digisonics CVIS, enabling them to quickly document their findings in a concise, structured EKG/Holter report. Report formats, titles and logos can be easily customized to a facility’s personal specifications. The finalized structured report is stored in a central database for fast comparison of a patient’s studies across all cardiovascular modalities.

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