EMR Connectivity

Seamless Integration for Improved Interoperability and Workflow Efficiency

Digisonics seamlessly connects all disparate systems using configurable, standards based HL7 interfaces. This capability is a crucial element of Digisonics’ ability to act as a nexus of workflow control.


HL7 Interfaces
HL7 interfaces provide standards-based connectivity between disparate systems (EMR, HIS, RIS, etc.) for text and data exchanges. HL7 interfaces include ORM (Orders) ADT (Admissions) and ORU (Results) MDM (Results).

PDF (Base64) of Finalized Report
Encoded PDFs of the finalized report are also available for review in the integrated 3rd party system.  Clinicians have the benefit of viewing the structured clinical reports in their original, easy-to-read format.  This compensates for the standard HL7 message which typically eliminates the images, graphics and formatting of the report.


Discrete Data Export
Discrete report data including patient demographics and measurements exported in the HL7 message, providing interoperability at a database level.

DigiConnect – a Global Patient View
DigiConnect enables users to launch 3rd party applications including EMR directly from the Digisonics workstation for fast access to a patient’s entire clinical record with just a click. Users benefit from the convenience of a single sign-on as user credentials are passed seamlessly.  DigiConnect can be easily configured by the user and retained in a drop down list for easy relaunch while reporting. Links to each individual component within the EMR (patient information, labs, etc.) can be configured for further workflow efficiency.