PACS/VNA Connectivity

Seamless Integration for Improved Interoperability and Workflow Efficiency

Digisonics offers a comprehensive suite of bi-directional integration options with third party PACS/VNA using the latest technology and industry standard interfaces.

PACS VNA Diagram

Launching Digisonics from PACS/VNA
Integration with the PACS/VNA allows for automatic launching of the Digisonics analysis and reporting application to synchronize with the current study being viewed on the PACS/VNA.  This interface enhances clinician workflows by reducing clicks and improves overall patient safety by automating study matching based on accession numbers.

Sending to PACS/VNA
Upon finalization, reports can be automatically converted to DICOM secondary captures or DICOM encapsulated PDFs, preserving the original formatting and sent to store within the PACS/VNA with corresponding patient images for easy review.  This interface automates workflows by eliminating manual procedures to print, scan and upload reports to PACS.

Patient images can be also be automated to forward directly from Digisonics to the PACS/VNA upon finalization, streamlining long-term storage strategies.

Querying/Retrieving from PACS/VNA
If a PACS/VNA is utilized as the long-term storage, Digisonics can query/retrieve archived DICOM images from previous exams for review and comparison. The Prefetch option provides a trigger from an HL7 ORM message to automatically retrieve the DICOM images prior to the actual patient study so images are available immediately for access.