Enterprise OB/GYN PACS & Structured Reporting System

Maximize efficiency and productivity in your OB/GYN Ultrasound Workflow

Digisonics provides a robust, vendor-neutral and standards-based solution for OB/GYN.

Leveraging Digisonics solutions empower facilities to:

Capture Savings by Deploying a
Vendor Neutral Solution
Leverage existing infrastructure investments via seamless integration to the most vendors for imaging modalities, EMR and PACS/VNA.

Automate Data Transmission for Improved Turnaround Times
Eliminate redundant data entry, saving time and ensure reporting accuracy.

Provide Flexibility for
Physician Workflows
by deploying full-functionality remote reading options

Optimize Performance, Increase Reimbursements and Eliminate Denials
via data mining and business analytics tools

OB/GYN PACS & Ultrasound Reporting System Study Types

  • OB Ultrasound
    • Fetal biometry and growth curves
    • Biophysical profile, CST/NST
    • Reference letters
    • Genetic Counseling
    • Twin
    • Multi-fetus
    • 1st Trimester Risk Assessment
    • 2nd Trimester Risk Assessment
  • GYN
    • GYN ultrasound
    • Folliculogram studies
  • Fetal Echo
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