A Comprehensive OB/GYN PACS and Structured Reporting Solution that Benefits all Users

Digisonics provides a standards-based and vendor neutral solution that provides users with integration options to imaging modalities, the most comprehensive analysis package and structured reporting for OB/GYN Ultrasound.

Vendor Neutral Solution
Leverage existing infrastructure investments via seamless integration with imaging modalities, EMR, PACS/VNA.

Robust Remote Reading Capabilities
Provide physicians the convenience of reading studies from home or remotely without sacrificing performance.

Automated Data Transmission from
Imaging Modalities
Eliminate redundant data entry and ensure reporting accuracy.  Digisonics can parse data in the most formats from vendors including DICOM SR, XML and private tags.

Most Comprehensive Fetal Growth Analysis Package
A comprehensive selection of GA and fetal weight equations and tables is provided to track growth. The user can modify these or add others.  Growth curve charts allow clinicians to easily track fetal development and immediately identify if there is abnormal growth (IUGR or macrosomia). Seamless integration with 3rd party applications for 3D/4D analysis available.

Standards-based Structured Reporting
Digisonics offers a comprehensive solution with specialized reporting modules for OB/GYN and MFM ultrasound studies.  Report layouts are highly configurable.

Data Mining and Business Analytics
Measure performance and identify areas for optimization.  Increase reimbursements and eliminate denials.

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