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Digisonics GYN solutions provides professional documentation and database storage for gynecology ultrasound findings and serial tracking of folliculogram studies.

Image Review and Measurements
Fast and easy review of patient images with the ability to compare images from previous exams. A variety of playback options include slideshow, zoom, speed, and control over brightness/contrast, window leveling and inversion. Quickly document GYN measurements including uterus, ovaries, masses, fibroids, ovarian cysts, cul-de-sac, cervix, endometrium, myometrium, and others. Autopopulation of study measurements directly into the report is available via an interface to the ultrasound machine. Volumes for the structures are automatically calculated using the dimensions entered/autopopulated.

Standards-based Structured Reporting
Digisonics offers a comprehensive solution with a specialized reporting module for GYN studies. Report layouts are highly configurable. Default clinical content adheres to AIUM guidelines for reporting and accreditation. The standard list of summary comments and macros for uterus, cervix, ovaries, fallopian tubes, myometrium and endometrium enables users to quickly document study findings in the structured report. Folliculogram reporting includes documentation of oocytes, embryos transfer, sequential follicle measurements, and drug administration for a patient.

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