OB/GYN Solutions

Why is Digisonics the Best Choice for OB/GYN Ultrasound Reporting?

1. Digisonics is a vendor neutral enterprise solution. Our system works equally well with all imaging modality vendors, EMRs and PACS/VNA, allowing you to leverage the existing infrastructure investments.

2. Digisonics supports a flexible deconstructed PACS model, allowing you to deploy a best-of-breed solution.

3. Digisonics solutions streamline your OB/GYN ultrasound workflow across the enterprise for improved efficiency, productivity and standardization, leading to better quality of patient care.

4. Digisonics has provided OB/GYNs and Perinatologists with enterprise ultrasound software solutions for over 35 years, longer than any other vendor.

5. Digisonics is a pioneer in delivering reliable remote reading solutions for providers with the first system to provide real-time, remote image analysis with full measurement and report editing capabilities.

6. Digisonics provides robust out of the box clinical content adhering to AIUM accreditation standards and reporting guidelines. Digisonics is also highly user configurable as changes to report content and formats don’t require time-consuming reconfiguration at the database level, nor software code changes but in fact, can be done by the user.

7. Digisonics integrates seamlessly with the most 3rd party applications for advanced image analysis including Philips QLAB, GE 4D View to deliver improved ease of use and interoperability.

8. Digisonics solutions include built-in query functions and study tagging/tracking to easily extract the required data and streamline the process of meeting and maintaining accreditation requirements.

9. Digisonics has the industry’s best customer support with the entire team based in the US. Our overall customer satisfaction rate is 93%! When you call, you speak with a person, not a machine.

10. Digisonics is a privately held company that has been under the same name and ownership for over 45 years. The direction of the company is not controlled by stockholders. Feedback from our valued customers drives the direction of our product development.

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